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Cocoon Hospotel

Cocoon – “The Hospotel by Lineage Healthcare Limited”

Cocoon birth journey with celebrationGiving birth to a child is not an illness; it is a journey of joy and celebration and a unique experience for the parents. In this journey of life, the mother & child need utmost love and care. While delivering the baby, she needs an atmosphere as comforting as a home and yet with all the modern amenities and expertise of professionals, to ensure care and security.

Cocoon is equipped with Aristocratic Care, Royal Comforts and luxurious amenities of Spa, Yoga, Special Maternity, Newborn apparels & accessories and state of the art cafe. A Team of highly qualified personnel helps the family make informed choices for their care during pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum & newborn care, and strives to provide them with the experience they desire for.

cocoon-neonatal-careCocoon provides the world-class medical facilities like modular Operation Theatres, LDR suites, Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Units, Fully Motorized Imported Medical Beds and Examination Couch, 4D Ultrasound Technology. Right from the day when the doctor gives the “Good News”, till the baby is one year old.... we offer complete solution with a touch of class. We make you feel special, with special “pick & drop” facility, care at your doorstep, food, music and apparels of your choice at the time of stay!!! We make you feel cared and pampered, by taking care of your smallest needs.

Right from a trusted gynecologist to the exercise regimen, expert nutritionist, the regular checkups and most importantly, ensuring the comfort and health of the expectant mother. Yet there is an underlining worry of what, where and how someone is there to take care for your nine months and make them the most memorable times ever! Where the whole family celebrates the delivery of a baby where the room allotted to you does not have a number.., but a beautiful name....where the color of the walls and interior decor is bright and lively. ..Where you get the comfort and hospitality of a 5 star hotel. Complemented by the most advanced medical care, where doctors make the mother feel at home in most trusted hands... At Cocoon we make God’s special creation arrive in style... and deservingly so.

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