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What is Cocoon all about?

Cocoon is an exclusive birthing center catering to the needs of womanhood, motherhood and new born care. Here we are redefining healthcare by providing class apart luxury with great hospitality . At Cocoon, you will get an expression of ecstasy and royal treatment in the most safe & secured ambience with the help of our highly credentialed experts. At this juncture, we know and understand your needs hence, we would provide you with the comforts like home and the services as per your choice. We at Cocoon, would strive every second to make this journey the most memorable celebration of your life which you will cherish always as a lifetime experience we know & understand that every women is very special and when she is about to become a mother, she becomes all the more special, that’s why we believe in giving relationship to value and provide an unparallel social support so that you celebrate the moment with us.

Can you tell us which all doctors are empanelled with you ?

We have the best known, qualified & experienced doctors of the city on board with us so as to assure your safety and security. Know more about our experts

How to choose my consultant ?

All our Consultants are highly qualified and experienced. Following are the options one can choose a consultant:

  • Fixed on call days for all our Consultants helps you to get opinion from experts.
  • Choice from our comprehensive list of docs.
  • Through personal recommendation of family & friends.
  • Through your own Family Physician reference.

What if I just want to come for delivery at your place but want to continue
consultation with my present doctor only?

Though we have the best doctors of the town on board with us but still if you want to continue with your present doctor only then the Doctor needs to be empanelled with Cocoon. This formality will be done by Cocoon.

What is the process if I want to change the doctor ?

It is very simple. You just need to get along all your medical records prescribed by your previous doctor and then you can consult the doctor of your choice at Cocoon. They would guide you henceforth for healthy delivery of your child. You need not to worry at any point.

What are your back up plans ?

  • If the doctor I am consulting is not available ?

    We have a team of qualified doctor. Our efforts would be to ensure that no such situation should come up but if this happens we will ensure the presence of the most learned and experienced doctors for your safety and security.

  • If I have an emergency?

    We have a fully equipped ambulance back up available 24*7 along with trained nurses and doctors so as to take care of you as per the severity of the situation.

  • If I have a problem in middle of the night ?

    You can call genie or you can call on emergency helpline no.

What if I want to have an appointment with doctor on a non-visiting day of her OPD?

You just need to communicate your preferable timing to genie and she will co-ordinate with the Hospotel and will make the arrangements as per your convenience and availability of doctor.

How are we different from any XYZ hospitals ?

Ma’am we don’t want to compare ourselves with any XYZ Hospital as our areas of operation are different. But certainly there are things we would like to highlight like we are a single specialty hospital catering to needs of womanhood and motherhood.
For the first time in a hospital things like Therapeutic Spa, Counselor, Genie, Home visits are introduced. Along with that we have pick & drop facility, 24*7 availability of Gynecologist, Neonatologist and Anesthetist available.

What are LDRs?

It is Labor Delivery Recovery Room having home like ambience with fully motorized beds, high end multi Parameter Monitors and Warmers-Incubators for the new borns. This is a well-equipped room to ensure safe & secure delivery. At Cocoon we have modified Labor Delivery room in which after the delivery mother and baby will be shifted to their allotted room.

What is NICU ?

Neonatology is a specialty that covers the medical care of newborn infants, especially the ill or premature newborns. NICU is the ICU for newborns.
At Cocoon we have NICUs for babies who require special medical attention. We have round the clock neonatologists & trained medical team to ensure the safety and security of your newborn.

What are the Medical Diagnostic facilities you have ?

At Cocoon we have the best Medical facilities available such as:-

  1. 4D-Ultrasonography:

    The best time to do a 4D scan is between 27 and 34 weeks. 4D ultrasound is like a movie of your growing baby. It gives details of your baby especially in the later stages of pregnancy .With 4D baby scan technology you can see the fetus smile, yawn, and exhibit many other behaviors of a newborn baby.

  2. Mobile X-ray :

    With mobile X ray, the exam is taken to the individual, wherever they may reside. A mobile exam offers convenience and reduces the time and discomfort associated with transporting a patient.

  3. Fetal Doppler :

    It is a hand-held ultrasound transducer used to detect & listen to the heart beat of a fetus for prenatal care. It provides an audible simulation of the heart beat.

  4. Cardiotocography (CTG) :

    It is a technical means of recording (-graphy) the fetal heartbeat (cardio-) and the uterine contractions (-toco-) during pregnancy typically in the third trimester. With the help of CTG, monitoring of the baby's heart rate during labour can also be done.

What is Cord-Cell Banking ?

Baby and mother are connected with a cord and after a baby is delivered this cord is cut down and the cord blood is collected. Then the stem cells are stored cryogenically (frozen in liquid nitrogen) in a collection facility, also known as a cord-blood bank. This is used for treating several diseases. (blood disorders, cancer, genetic diseases etc). It is the future of the Medical Era. Our sister concern Cryo Banks is an expert in Cord cell banking.

What is painless delivery?

The pain bearing capacity varies from person to person, Therefore to make the delivery painless we have the concept of painless delivery in which pain can be reduced to a level. If you want to know more about it, our doctors will guide you about the same.

Are there any extra charges for painless delivery ?

Yes there are certain extra charges for this.
There are also two options available with us for painless delivery:

  • Epidural
  • Water Birthing

I want C-section only. Will you assure me for that ?

Here at Cocoon, we do not differentiate between Normal delivery and C-Section. Though we emphasize more on normal delivery and C-section is performed only if required . But still if you want to go for a C-Section then all the pros and cons will be discussed with you by our doctor as she is the best person to guide you on this.

Do you have 24*7 nursing staff available with you ?

Yes we have a medically well trained staff available 24*7.

What are the facilities available if I am allergic to certain things and if I have some family medical history ?

A complete study of your past history will be done and all allergic tests will be conducted to know everything precisely. But these tests are not conducted in the In-house laboratory as these are special tests.

What if I directly want to talk to the doctor and not the genie ?

Yes, mam you can call our doctors directly but we will suggest you to talk to the genie first as doctors may not be available at that particular time period, so genie would make arrangements for the conversation between you and the doctor.

Is genie medically trained ? Can I call her at any point of time ?

Genie is a non-clinical coordinator to assist all your Query. She will escort you throughout the nine months and would make sure that our your needs and queries are addressed by the right person at the right time. You can call her any time whenever you need help.

What if the genie is on leave ?

Mam if this happens then your genie will provide you well in advance and would share the details of the other genie who will assist you on her behalf.

What are the vaccination services at your place and how are they scheduled?

All vaccinations are available and Ma’am everything will be decided when doctors will analyze your previous medical records .

Can medicines / retail products be delivered at my door step at any point if I need ?

Retail products can be delivered at your door but with minimum billing of certain amount.

Can you tell us what will we have a boy or a girl ?

I am really sorry sir/ma’am but at Cocoon we do not differentiate between the baby girl or boy. It’s completely God’s call. We can surely ensure you about the safety & security of the baby but not about the gender.


Why do I need a customized diet ?

Diet during pregnancy requires special attention. For a healthy pregnancy the body needs extra nutrients not just to meet the needs of the growing baby, but also for the mother in order to store adequate resources for the lactation period.

What is menu as per choice ?

Menu offered here is not like that of a standard hospital. Infact you will have a list to choose from; which will be prepared by your dietician keeping in mind your taste and likings along with keeping the nutrition requirement of your body into consideration.

What is the style statement in delivery at Cocoon ? OR How can you justify the royalty that you are offering ?

It is a style statement to deliver at Cocoon .From the day of registration till the delivery everything is designed exclusively for you. We are offering everything under one roof. A dedicated person for your assistance all through your journey called “Genie” , with 7 star room facility having motorized bed, sofa cum bed, LCD , Refrigerator, Nurse on call , Customized gourmet Menu, gown, safe, goodies, centrally air conditioned premises & many more. We have the option of Customized diet, Spa for your relaxation. We have in-house celebration for your newborn and everything to capture each moment in your memory and to make the entire experience more joyous and wonderful.

Why Spa ?

During pregnancy your body undergoes a lot of changes and you feel a lot of stress. At Cocoon we provide you medically approved and designed" Therapeutic Spa & Massages "Which helps you relax and rejuvenate yourself. They are planned keeping in mind the different trimesters of pregnancy and needs of pregnant lady during these phases. It helps to

  • Reduces stress
  • Enhances skin tone
  • Loosen tight muscles & toning
  • Assists in recovery
  • Relives pain

Why to do YOGA during pregnancy ?

Yoga boosts mind and body , helping to keep your pregnancy hassle free. It will make your body more flexible and enable you to adapt various labor positions and make your ligaments more elastic which can help to reduce the labor pain. Yoga

  • improves the blood circulation
  • reduces the anxiety and stress and helps in rest full sleep
  • strengthen muscles
  • calms the body and mind
  • eases labor pain.
  • strengthens the abdominal muscles
  • helps in normal delivery

What is Lamaze and why it’s done ?

Lamaze is a combination of several breathing techniques and certain exercises. This helps to prepare yourself physically and psychologically for natural birthing process.

In Lamaze class, you will learn about Lamaze breathing techniques and Different labor positions

What if I want to add on some specific things to my package ?

Certainly mam you can add on , just let us know what you need.

Can I carry forward the Spa, Yoga facility ?

Yes mam you can do that but these all sessions are advised medically and designed in such a manner that it can help you prepare yourself at every stage of pregnancy. You should avail them on time to ensure healthy pregnancy as they have been designed semester wise.

Will the money be refunded if I am not satisfied with the services ?

*subject to approval

What is there in Sibling classes ?

These classes help in preparing siblings to welcome the new born, what sharing is all about and help to build an emotional bond.

I don’t want to come to hospital for classes instead want them to be arranged at my home?

Mam, it is advisable that you yourself attend them live at our premises along with other would be parents so you can share your the experience with everyone.

What if I want the celebration on a grand scale?

At Cocoon, we understand that it will be the happiest moment of your life and you would like to celebrate this moment on a grand scale. But at the same side, we want to ensure safety of the mother and the new born, & therefore we are celebrating the moment and sharing your happiness with your closed ones in Hospotel premises immediately after birth. We will have the photography and videography of the event so that you can cherish this special moments always.

How can I rely on the cab driver for the safety of my wife ?

We have trained drivers with us so you need not worry about the safety of your wife. Your safety and security comes first for us and in fact the cab will have the symbol of "pregnant lady on board".

*driver name , mobile number and cab number can be texted.

Can you tell me in detail about cosmetic intervention ? or What is cosmetology all about during and after pregnancy ?

After pregnancy taking care of yourself and a complete makeover can bring you back in shape. As you might experience some changes in yourself like weight gain, dull complexion, stretch marks etc.. so to treat them all you can have certain treatments like tummy tuck, laser treatment, liposuction and all. Also during pregnancy lactic peel could be availed. Infact you can avail specially designed yoga classes , diet plans and exercise schedules as per your requirement to cater to the needs of your body changes.


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