Cocoon Philosophies

Ten Philosophies of Cocoon

  • Childbirth is seen as wellness, not illness. Care is directed to maintain labor, birth, postpartum and newborn care as a normal life event involving dynamic emotional, social and physical changes.
  • Prenatal care is personalized according to the individual's psychosocial, educational, physical, spiritual and cultural needs of each woman and her family.
  • A comprehensive program of prenatal education prepares families for active participation throughout the evolving process of preconception, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.
  • The hospital team helps the family make informed choices for their care during pregnancy, labor, and birth, postpartum and newborn care and strives to provide them with the experience they desire.
  • The father and/or other supportive persons of the mother's choice are actively involved in the educational process, labor and birth, postpartum and newborn care.
  • Whenever the mother wishes, family and friends are encouraged to be present during the entire hospital stay including labor and birth.
  • Each woman's labor and birth care are provided in the same location unless a cesarean birth is necessary. When possible, postpartum and newborn care is also given in the same location and by the same caregivers.
  • Mothers are encouraged to keep their babies in their rooms at all times. Nursing care focuses on teaching and role modeling while providing safe, quality care for the mother and baby together.
  • When mother-baby care is implemented, the same person cares for the mother and baby couplet as a single-family unit, integrating the whole family into the care.
  • Parents have access to their high-risk newborns at all times and are included in the care of their infants to the extent possible given the newborn's condition.
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