How does your body change during pregnancy?


mother care package is very important for any woman for a healthy pregnancy. Motherhood brings with it a lot of issues that needs care and guidance and education. This nine-month long period makes several changes in a woman’s body either to prepare the body to nourish the growing foetus or as a reaction to other physical and hormonal changes. These changes are a part of becoming a mother. Know about some of them here: -


  •         The biggest change that takes place is the cessation of the periods. When the egg released by the ovary is not fertilized, the blood lining the wall of the uterus is shed in the form of menstruation. But this time the egg has been fertilized and has got implanted in the wall of your uterus. It is the first change taking place in the woman’s body.
  •          Gaining weight and having a protruding tummy is one of the most significant changes a woman goes through during this period. You start to gain weight because now you are eating for two people. Your baby gains food through you. The tummy too expands in size to make space for the growing foetus.
  •        A woman also experiences frequent urge to urinate due to the extra blood flow that makes the kidneys produce more urine than usual.
  •          Breasts start to swell up during the later months because the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone make the glands grow in size to produce more milk in the near future for breastfeeding the baby. They also become tender to touch.
  •          A hormone called relaxin causes the joints and ligaments in the body to loosen up to dilate the pelvis and vagina to prepare for childbirth. But it also has effect upon the entire body and makes you feel fatigued and clumsy.
  •       During the final trimester the belly is fully protruded which shifts the centre of gravity and increases the curvature of the spine. The thoracic or the mid-back section and the lumbar or the lower back section undergo some structural changes to prepare for the upcoming childbirth process. These changes cause further change in the woman’s posture and spinal curvature. It can make the woman go through some extreme lower back pain especially in the final months.
  •          Oestrogen levels pump up during this period which leads to good hair growth. It increases the growth phase of the hair follicles and as a result the woman experiences longer and thicker hair. She may also see some increased hair growth on the body as well. This is why hair starts falling off in clumps after delivery because the oestrogen levels start to fall after the child is born. 
  •          Women who have large foetuses or have gained too much weight will experience a breakdown of connective skin tissue or collagen in areas like the abdomen and the thigh where most of the weight is concentrated. This will lead to formation of stretch marks in those areas.
  •         The sweat glands work more during this period and the rate of metabolism is also high. This makes the woman feel hot and sweat more.
  •            Increased blood circulation in the body gives a reddish flush or glow to the face.


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