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eeling scared during pregnancy is normal for any woman because of the series of changes and surprises that happen every time during this period. You may feel whether what you are going through is normal or needs attention from your gynaecologist. But you will be surprised to know that most of the scary things that you experience are completely normal for all expecting mothers. Here is a list of those normal things that may happen to you to make you feel completely relaxed

1) Swelling of the feet is a normal symptom and should not be confused with anemia. Usually anemic patients go through swelling of the leg which is a sign of insufficient blood in the body. But in this case, it’s just a sign of your body going through changes. Women experience swollen feet especially in the later phase.

2) Extreme fatigue is just another common occurrence and is completely normal. Yes, we all know that vitamin and mineral deficiency in the body lead to fatigue and nausea but in this stage, these are the most normal things that happen to you and should not make you worry. Keep your vitamins, calcium and iron intake as per your doctor’s instructions and you just need not take any tension. However, if you feel sick for days at a stretch, you must consult your doctor without delay.

3) Sudden numbness in hands and feet and a tingling sensation may happen normally.

4) Your face goes back to your teenage days and may see a crop of acne along with the pregnancy glow because of increase in oil secretion in the face. It will normally go away after delivery.

5) As your abdomen starts protruding and pops out because of the growing baby, the belly button too gets popped out and looks weird than usual times because of the attached umbilical cord of the baby.

6) Heaviness and tenderness of the breasts is another very normal event. It is nothing to be worried about. The breasts start growing bigger as the mammary glands expand to produce more milk for the baby. They also become extremely sensitive and tender and feel heavy and painful even if you touch them.

7) If you are experiencing acidity and heartburn even if you are eating nothing spicy, it is because of the progesterone relaxing the valve located between the stomach and esophagus which makes acid leak and gives you the heartburn.

8) Blurred vision is something that may happen when you are expecting and there is nothing to worry about your eyesight. You do not even need glasses for it. The vision will get corrected normally after childbirth.

9) Back pain is another very normal part of carrying a baby. You cannot deliver a baby without having extreme back pain for the last few months. Since the center of gravity changes due to the added weight of the baby, it is normal for the woman to experience back pain even when she is sitting or lying down. In fact, the entire curvature of the spine changes due to the growing foetus.

10) You may experience vaginal discharge, swelling or change in colour in the vagina and vulva because of increased blood flow and pressure on the veins.

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