Pharmacy (24x7)

The Hospital pharmacy is staffed by a highly qualified and friendly team of pharmacists specifically trained for providing guidance and advice on all medicinal and clinical needs of mothers and babies.

Our Celebration Hall

Cheers Hall is a space for new parents to celebrate the arrival of their little one with their family. It is a spacious hall with soundproofing for a small party setup.

Cocoon Massage

Pregnancy is a time of great physical and emotional change. Cocoon offers luxurious massage therapies for mothers to relax, while soothing tense and tired muscles. The invigorating experience of health massages is tailored for every stage of a woman’s pregnancy.

Cocoon Shoppe

The Cocoon Shoppe caters to new mothers and babies. The Shoppe offers you baby clothes, cute toys, baby accessories, and food and hygiene products. We have everything under one roof, especially for you.

“Cocoon Genie” your friend: The Genie at Cocoon Hospital provides a personalized coordinator to would-be Moms. The Genies act as a bridge between our patients and Hospital so that patients can relax and leave the arrangements and appointments to Cocoon Genie.

Services provided by Genie

- “Procreate the WOW experience at every moment of truth”.

• Establishing a patient-centric approach in every moment of truth.

• Establishing service protocols to build, maintain and sustain the relationship between the hospital and the patients and to resolve patient feedback towards service issues.

• Assuring the Wow experience for every patient coming into the hospital.

• Gennie will work as a spokesman for the patient/attendant in the hospital and voice all the overt and covert needs of the patient.

• Gennie’s requests will be addressed by all the other departments on a priority basis.

Gala Discharges

At Cocoon, we make sure that our guests are well taken care of and they can have a pleasant stay and hassle-free services; hence, we provide the experience of Gala Discharges to our guests.

• In Room Discharges

• Go Green with Cocoon Sapling

• Room and Baby Cradle Décor

• Gifting Baby Kit

• Car Décor

• Baby on Board Dangler