High-end labour room

Cocoon has a modernized and well-equipped labour room with sophisticated maternal and foetal monitoring systems. We also have a baby resuscitation system in LDR (Labor Delivery Recovery) to ensure the safety of your baby.

Modular OT

Cocoon features two contemporary OTs, each spanning 450 square feet. The OTs are endowed with HEPA filters and laminar flow, making them one of the most technologically advanced OTs in the region. With such a high level of infection control, the patients recover much faster because of the minimal risk of infection and complications.


Recovery-Cum-ICU is fully equipped with advanced digital monitoring and a life support system to handle any emergency which may arise due to complications.

NICU & Nursery for the newborns ( Level 3+ Neonatal Intensive care unit (NICU)

The NICU at Cocoon is an ultramodern facility with monitoring units, open and closed incubators, ventilators, analyzers to help ventilator management, digital syringes and infusion pumps, piped medical gases and suction, an isolation care unit and a breastfeeding room. A specialized team of neonatologists and skilled nurses handle premature babies and provide medical attention during medical emergencies. At Cocoon NICU we have even managed to treat babies of just 600 gms!

Level 2+ Nursery

A Level 2+ nursery is for newborns admitted with minor problems or those who need a brief period of observation. After an infant is born, they are taken to the transitional nursery where assessments and evaluations are performed. The dedicated nurse then brings the infant to the mother’s room and helps you care for and learn about the newborn.

Cocoon Lab

The In- House laboratory at Cocoon has strict quality control protocols in place and is equipped with modern equipment to take care of all routine tests prescribed by the doctors for in-patient as well as out-patients. We offer tests in Clinical Pathology & Biochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Serology and Molecular Biology.

Imaging services

Cocoon is well equipped with hi-tech equipment like GE’s 4D ultrasound scanners, a foetal doppler and a CTG machine, digital mammography, bone densitometry scanner and X-Ray (Neonates) machines to run various radiological tests.