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Healthcare Division of RJ Corp

RJ CorpRJ Corp an Indian Multinational which has developed expertise in its core management team to bring international brands to Sub Continent consumers and develop local brands. In the last 18 years, RJ Corp has built a powerhouse multinational of businesses ranging from Beverages, Fast Food Restaurants, Ice Creams, Dairy Products, Education, and Breweries. With emphasis of acquiring and retaining the best talent, RJ Corp has created a high performance culture with focus on leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and integrity.

In the year 2006, RJ Corp and Life Force Cryobanks International (USA) formed a Joint Venture to exploit the ever growing opportunity of umbilical cord blood stem cell storage as Cryobanks India. Cryobanks India has set up a state-of-the-art stem cell processing and banking facility in Gurgaon Haryana. The company has national and international collaborations to provide the “best of class” facilities in stem cell industry. The company provides a facility of collection from all major cities in India and Countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and UAE. Cryobanks has a team of medical professionals who have been extensively trained, certified and educated in cord blood processing and Quality Assurance processes at Cryobanks International USA. This joint venture has set up the first modern, state-of-the-art cord blood stem cell bank in India at Gurgaon, Thailand and Singapore as Cryo Viva. It aims to become one of the largest cord blood stem cell bank and a highly specialized training center in the field of cord blood banking.

Further commitments were extended for the services of variety of stem cell therapies, and varied regenerative medicine clinical applications under the self-owned subsidiary Reviva Cell Research and Therapies.This venture forayed the group RJ Corp into healthcare having the sight of even Asia as a choice market, both economically and strategically, is gaining popularity amongst the global healthcare investors and service operators. It is also crucial that this power-shift propels Asia to move from an export driven economy to a consumption based economy.

Frost & Sullivan believes that the healthcare industry is undergoing a paradigm shift from "sickness care" to "wellness". Focused on the 5 Ps – Preventive, Pre-emptive, Personalized, Predictive and Personal responsibility. Based on synergies and reverse integration rule of business.

In 2012 Cocoon (A unit of Lineage Healthcare Limited) came up with a concept of Luxurious birthing center and gave the new borns a “Safe Heaven” to deliver with a style statement. Cocoon the concept where a mother spends nine months in the most joyous manner without apprehensions & fear, celebrates the delivery and makes it one that is smooth, stress free, joyous and enchanting. Right from preconception to antenatal & postnatal stages and then onto the care of your little one.

It will offer a one-stop for all prenatal, childbirth and infant care needs.


Diagno-Labs is aiming at bringing healthcare closer to the Indian people and improves accessibility coupled with affordability. Reduce the turnaround time in terms of providing quality test reports faster through various IT enabled technologies. Diagno-Labs are focused to be one of the premier chains of Pathology & Diagnostics in Globe and a service where care meets excellence. Perhaps the only place where people are perceived as more than a sample of blood. Some of the best minds in the field of pathology are associated with us giving the assurance of excellence and care with best implementation process.

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